Yield Loss in South-Central Nebraska Unknown Until Harvest

by Will Bauer, NET News

July 29, 2019, 4:21 p.m.

The long term agricultural impacts of flooding in south-central Nebraska remain unknown. A local expert said farmers in the area won’t be able to tell until harvest.

Flash flooding in the Kearney area three weeks ago left many farmers with standing water in their fields. The water, combined with warm temperatures, damaged many crops.

A small number of farmers replanted a second time this year, while others planted cover crops. Sarah Sivits, crop and water extension educator for Dawson, Buffalo and Hall counties, said many farmers are already looking to 2020.

“There’s quite a few producers that they have done what they can this year," Sivits said. "They’ll harvest what they can and they’ll manage the crop the best they can, but for those fields that had severe flooding damage or they weren’t able to plant it at all this year, they’re just kind of waiting out the storm.”

Sivits said not all farmers in the area felt the damage, but others will get a better idea about the impact on yields at harvest time.