Watershed 360° Educational Resources

Everyone lives in a watershed. Do you know yours? "Watershed" is an immersive 360° video series designed to show viewers the beauty and diversity of American watersheds through the stories of people connected across the 500+ miles of the Platte River watershed. Fed by Rocky Mountain snowpack and High Plains Aquifer, the Platte River watershed stretches across three states to join the Missouri River and flow on to the Gulf of Mexico.

This is a series of viewer guides, interactive lessons, lesson plans to support national and Nebraska Social Studies and Science Standards. “A watershed is an entire river system—an area drained by a river and its tributaries. It is sometimes called a drainage basin” Each episode of Watershed 360° begins with the same two questions. “Who cares about a watershed? And why?” Each episode ends with the question, “Do you know your watershed?”

Teachers should consider posting these questions prior to viewing and remind students to watch and listen for possible answers. After these lessons and viewing most or all of the episodes, students should be able to answer and understand these questions. However, the first two questions have many different answers. Each of the videos will provide a viewer guide designed for teachers of elementary and middle school students. These lessons have been designed to use any or all of the episodes in social studies or science classrooms.