Pender Residents Relieved Highway 94 Bridge Open Again

by Will Bauer, NET News

Oct. 23, 2019, 2:34 p.m.

After seven months without a bridge that is the only entrance to Pender, Nebraska from the east, residents are relieved to have the bridge open again.

Repairs to the damaged Highway 94 bridge were completed earlier on Oct. 12, as the flooding in mid-March damaged the bridge spanning the Logan Creek Dredge.

The repairs forced most drivers to use surrounding gravel roads, which added time to the commutes and added traffic for local farmers.

Katie Darling and her husband own Pender Grain, and she said the damaged bridge was a big inconvenience for everyone.

“There’s just so many people that are so happy about having it open again because we have a lot of people that come from that side of town, that work in town and have businesses," Darling said. "The school bus driver was elated. All kinds. It was a good deal.”

The Sioux City Journal reports the village of Pender is pursuing funds and grants to cover its share of the estimated $250,000 cost.