Game and Parks Assessing Flood Damage to State Park System

by Willem Roper, NET News

April 3, 2019, 10:59 a.m.

After historic flooding in the state, Nebraska Game and Parks says they’re assessing damages to state park areas and hope to have most operational in the near future.

Jim Swenson, who is the parks division administrator for Game and Parks, said the commission has been evaluating all aspects of the state park system since the flooding. He said checking electrical components, cleaning up debris and assessing road damage have been the most common work needed. For roads, the challenge for some parks like Fremont and Two Rivers is to create alternate routes while repairs on the primary roads are made.

Still, Swenson said Game and Parks believes most state parks will be back in business soon.

“I’m happy to report that in most installations, we’re going to get things patched up and passable, and the greatest portions of the impacted areas will re-open here soon,” Swenson said.

Game and Parks also said some impacted parks have delayed the release of fish in lakes, but most events are still on schedule.