Roric’s Fantastic Farm

Modern Farming on the Great Plains

In Nebraska farming is more than a business for most farmers, its a way of life. Today farmers are using best practices to sustain the rich fertile land while keeping the vast water supply in the aquifer safe. Much of is due to precision farming an agricultural management system based on information and technology that gathers site specific data points from soils, crops, nutrients, pests, disease, and moisture to help farmers make decisions that will maximize yield while promoting environmental sustainability. Farmers play an important role as good stewards of the land, protecting the ecosystem and in turn the future of the farm. This educational web series follows the Roric Paulman family in five media rich stories related to modern sustainable farming practices, the land, crops, harvesting and the history of agriculture in the Great Plains.

A Fertile Ecosystem

Farming in the Platte River Valley

Grassland biomes are some of the most productive ecosystems in the world. In the last 150 years, the landscape of the Great Plains has been reshaped more quickly and radically than any environment in human history.

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Four Generations of Farmers

The Paulman Family Farms

Roric Paulman’s family has been farming in the Platte River Valley for four generations. He balances farming with conservation so that he can leave a legacy of clean water and healthy soils for his family and future generations.

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A Personal Relationship

Water and Soil

All agriculture is dependent on the availability of nutrient-rich soil and an adequate supply of water.

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From Seed to Harvest

Crop Production

The United States grows more than 85 million acres of corn and soybeans on the Great Plains. To improve soil health and discourage pests, farmers are also growing more diverse crops such as popcorn and dry edible beans.

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Maintaining Change with Balance

Sustainability in Farming

Farmers play an important role as good stewards of the land, protecting the ecosystem and in turn the future of the farm and rural communities.

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Agricultural Educational Resources

Modern Farming on the Great Plains

Explore the educational resources for Modern Farming featuring articles, interactions, videos, standards-based lesson plans, maps, and more that showcase Nebraska’s natural riches and thoughtful stewards.

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