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Welcome to Pivotal, a web site specially created by Nebraska Educational Telecommunications to gather together its best and freshest content about the industry, science, and human spirit sustaining Nebraska’s food, water, and agriculture.

You’ll find resources for learners, educators, and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of today’s farming and resource management in Nebraska.

Pivotal offers rich articles, insightful videos, interesting interactions, clear graphics, useful maps, workable lesson plans, vocabulary links, and additional resources in a simple-to-navigate structure that will help you drill down to the right level of detail for your needs.

You’ll get the big picture of Nebraska’s ecosystems and the forces that shape them.

You’ll meet the people in the field and see how they use precision techniques and the latest technology to face challenges that date back to the time of the first hunter-gatherers.

Modern farming requires the interplay of science and stewardship to meet the needs of the human population without disrupting the delicate balances that will sustain Nebraska’s natural treasures for generations to come.

NET continues to curate Pivotal’s content to provide an up-to-date portrait of the evolving state of Nebraska’s food, water, and agriculture in a changing, challenging world.

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